New Fun Opportunity

Studies indicate that people with disabilities are more socially isolated than their peers.  Arc Games and More is an opportunity for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to decrease isolation, increase social skills, and gain experiences to help develop interests and hobbies for quality of life; to help them reach their full potential and lead full and satisfying lives in their communities.  High school and adult volunteers will assist to make it a more inclusive experience.

Arc Games and More, which takes place in Moorhead on the 4th Friday of the month, starting September 27th, is a place to connect with others and the community in an environment that fosters friendships and celebrates individual abilities and talents.  Each session will include noncompetitive teamwork activities and creative (sensory) activities, based on a different theme each month,  that appeal to children, teens and young adults, using art, music, community groups and more.

The vision is to create opportunities for every  person with a developmental and /or intellectual disability to build enduring friendships and embrace community connections, while enhancing the lives of ALL individuals involved; people with disabilities and volunteers.

There will be a punch card system to attend.  Buying the punch cards in advance is recommended.

3 punch card (good for 3 sessions, 1 punch per session)
$15 for a for members
$20 for non-members
$7 at the door for a single session (whether a member or not)

Personal Care Attendants are encouraged to participate with anyone who needs one on one attention.

Check Arc West for updated  theme.